Communication Strategy

When purchasing a home, clients receive immediate email updates as soon as a home meeting their criteria hits the market.  Some buyers begin their research months in advance of actually shopping for a home.  I offer access to a Client Gateway that allows buyers to see properties the moment they hit MLS, which can be critical in today’s market.  There is no fee or requirement for this Gateway, so contact me today if you are interested.  Once actively looking for a property, I also follow the searches along with clients to ensure we are not missing opportunities.

Timeline Strategy
Purchase timeline is paced by the buyer

My motivation always matches my client’s.   A key element of working together is building the buyer’s knowledge base of the purchase process and current condition of the real estate market. Once the right home is found, we evaluate market data (neighborhood comparables) to find the best strategy for making an offer that transforms into a solid contract.  Regardless of whether the buyers move at a fast, furious pace or tred cautiously, my clients are educated & confident when purchasing a home.  Believe it or not, how confident a buyer is about his or her choice directly relates to their purchase experience.  It’s difficult to remove the emotion from a home purchase and insert logic – I work hard to help buyers keep stress levels low and emotions low so they can make smart and less stressful decisions.

  • Knowledge takes away fear of the unknown. One of my strongest skill sets is the ability to take complicated information and put it into words that make sense.


Negotiating Strategy     

Working in the Austin real estate market since the late 1990’s has built experience and strong negotiation skills for me.  My clients appreciate an agent who understands the negotiating process as a Certified Negotiation Expert, and also someone who has sought and found training from some of the best negotiating agents in Austin Tx.  I understand different types and styles of negotiating as well as how to implement a smart strategy in today’s current climate.  Last but not least, I have an easy communication style that allows me to help buyers understand where they can best negotiate terms in today’s real estate climate as well.  2013 will be the year buyers and sellers see and feel the change in our market, 



Micro Markets & Buyer Market Analysis for Austin & Surrounding Areas

This means the buyer is aware of sales values/ data in the immediate area, and understands where their offer price fits within this scope.  These two points of interest can be incredibly helpful in understanding what to expect from the seller and the market at large.  Right now Austin’s market is transitioning into a very competitive playing field for buyers.  Prices are increasing in communities across the board, and understanding values is key in winning an offer.

Once my buyers identify a neighborhood of interest, we run a buyer market analysis (BMA) to understand how a home is priced as we walk into the properties in this area.  Is the home priced high, low or competitively for the current market?  By knowing these answers we can formulate a strategy for our offer, and understand how aggressive our offer should be to the seller.